Swap BNB > AVAX - AVAX Missing

I ( a newbie) did my first Swap on MetaMask, from BNB to AVAX. Transaction was successful according to BscScan, but the AVAX does not show up in MM under the Avalanche Network.

Can anyone suggest what I should be doing to rectify this?


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Unless you bridged the AVAX tokens from the BSC, they are still on the BSC. You will need to add the AVAX custom token to your MetaMask wallet on the BSC to view your tokens.


Thank you. I did find that “Binance-pegged AVAX” was on the BSC in MetaMask. Being a novice, I thought that doing this would swap my BNB to AVAX on the Avalanche chain.

Still trying to find some way to swap BNB on BSC, to AVAX on Avalanche (C-Chain). Surprised how difficult that seems to be!

You can use the Binance Bridge to move your tokens from BSC to Avalanche.


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