Swap from BSM to Avalanche

First of all, I’m sorry to bother, but I’ve read the forum and didn’t find a solution.
I added the Binance Smart Chain Netowrk to the Metamask and sent USDT from Binance to my address. I also see now the USDT in Metamask and in the BSC Network.
Now, I want to buy APE-X tokens at traderjoes. I’ve added the avalanche network to Metamask but how do I swap my USDT from BSC to Avalanache in order to buy Ape-x??

Furthermore, I would like to buy meric circle tokens, but when I connet my wallet the USDT are not shown on swap-meritcircle-io
What network is this and where do I need to swap?

Thanks for the help.

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@Nardo you have to find a some bridge :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :point_down: BSC to AVAX bridge