Unable to do a withdraw

Hi there! I can’t withdraw my usdt’s from my avax wallet. I attempted to do a Bridge to change the Network of the usdt’s but i need eth to do that. My question id. How i can deposit eth in avax Network, instead, it’s that possible? What can i do in this case? I’m very dizzy and stressed

First, you need some avax as gas in your wallet. Then you can directly use swap in metamask to exchange your usdt into avax. Finally, you can directly mention your avax to the exchange. Of course, you can also directly use the cross chain tool to cross chain your usdt to other chains


On Avax chain you’ll need to get the wrapped form of Ether, called WETH.e (Heres the Snowtrace info page on that token Wrapped Ether (WETH.e) Token Tracker | SnowTrace)

Each chain uses its native coin for transaction fees. On Ethereum mainnet you’d use Ether.
On the Avalanche chain, you’d use AVAX.

So if you want to move your USDT from Avalanche to Ethereum, you’d need AVAX.
I haven’t done any Ethereum <> Avalanche transactions myself, but I’m pretty sure this is one of the bridges that can: The Best Crypto & Binance Bridge | cBridge


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