Lost USDC when transferring between networks / MM wallets


I tried to transfer approx $242 USDC from a wallet connected to the Avalanche Network on MM to A different wallet address (on the Ethereum Network) BOTH wallets are on My Metamask.

I assumed that since both Wallets support USDC (and there are no network specific suffixes) that this would be a simple transfer but that balance has not been received.

I have read some related articles but I cannot find the issue.

This is the “successful” TX

In the TX data on MM it says “Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 43114”

Are my funds recoverable / will they be returned automatically to the Avalanche Wallet?

Thanks in advance

Hello, you need to switch the chain to avax chain in your receiving address. The usdc you receive is also the usdc of avax chain. Direct transfer can only be carried out in the same chain. If you need to transfer the usdc of avax chain to eth chain, you need to use cross chain tools to complete it.


Ah I see them now Ok I understand - so I see the funds I just need to bridge them across. Whats your preferred bridge rn?

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Your funds are not stuck. You just need to add your second address to your metamask. After switching to the avax chain, add the usdc contract address to your wallet, and you can see your usdc


I think zapper is good. It can not only manage funds, but also use its cross chain function. You can try it


Yes I added the USDC token and switched wallets but stayed on Avax chain and its there. I rarely use Avalanche so I will bridge them over to my eth wallet.


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