HELP,I lost my usdt using 1inch exchange

I was using 1inch to do some swaps, but I soon discovered that all my usdt was missing,and I don’t know what happened. Here is the transaction detail. any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

you can see 848usdt transaction that I did not authorize

Hi Fransisco,

If you check your browser history, are you 100% certain that the site you used was actually 1inch? There are a number of fake DEXes that ask for permission to steal your funds. One of them recently was called “1inich exchange” and there are other spellings and fake versions of that DEX.

HI Jacob, thank you for the response. I had a look at my history, and it appears to be the real site

Hmmm, I took a look at the token allowances you’ve granted on BSC Scan:

It looks like you’ve granted unlimited access to a lot of your tokens on PancakeSwap, but I don’t see any USDT allownaces granted to 1inch. It seems more likely that you were using a malicious version of PancakeSwap. You may want to revoke all of these tokens allowances to be safe.

Hi there, thank you for the response. Where does one change tokens allowances ? I thought I had done that on 1inch, and possibly also boggedfinance. I moved all tokens to another wallet to be safe. Thanks for any help

You can do it on bscscan for BSC and etherscan for Ethereum. There a button on the right sidebar of that link I posted to revoke the allowance.