Lost USDT on Binance Smart Chain after approved txn

I was connected to Binance Smart Chain in Metamask, and used PancakeSwap to swap from OCTA to USDT. The swap was approved and completed successfully. However, I don’t see it in the list of transactions when click on the View in Explorer from Metamask for the account (open the BSCScan page).
However, there was no USDT token setup in Metamask in the Binance Smart Chain account, so I added it (through Add Token->Search->USDT (Tether)). The balance shows 0.
I did another swap, this time from OCTA to BNB (which is already added in Metamask under the Binance Smart Chain account), and it was approved, successful, and the resulting BNB appeared in Metamask.

Did I do something wrong by swapping to USDT while connected in Metamask to Binance Smart Chain without having USDT already added?
Any suggestions on how I can hunt down the missing USDT?