Help me understand snaps better

I am looking into snaps for supporting other networks. Does anyone know how snaps differ from the experience I get when connecting to a site like pancakeswap where I click connect and it prompts me through a series of clicks that adds the binance smart chain and switches over to it? pancakeswap[dot]finance

Is it essentially the same thing but in snaps its packaged up and to add the network and switch over to it I install the snap dependencies?

Hi @acehilm ,

Snaps is a system that allows anyone to safely extend the capabilities of MetaMask. A snap is a program that we run in an isolated environment that can customize the wallet experience.

For example, a snap can add new APIs to MetaMask, add support for different blockchain protocols, or modify existing functionality using internal APIs. Snaps is a new way to create web3 end user experiences, by modifying MetaMask in ways that were impossible before.

Check out more in these links:


Is it possible to create a snap that configures a network and switches to it without manually going into network settings?


In theory, yes.

For questions on this, feel free to ask on the Snaps Github Discussions page here:

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