Help Needed: Transferred ETH from Metamask to previous transacted address for Ronin

I recently transferred ETH from metamask to supposedly Ronin by copying the address from a previous successful transaction, I know this is the incorrect way to do it but now I’m stuck with the ETH gone to another wallet.

My metamask address: 0xc422118EA8D6dF969d0A3151b3be96b31aCA7015
Sent to this address: 0x1A2a1c938CE3eC39b6D47113c7955bAa9DD454F2

Trade Hash: 0x4f465003b68f4db23a09867d19163eb4c42282912484cdf2cb8e3ddb73efe08e

I did attempt to import my Ronin wallet private key to Metamask but unfortunately the ETH did not end up there, is there any other way to retrieve the ETH back?

Would really appreciate any help, thank you.

I answered this on another post here. I cannot add links to this post but search: ‘Sent ETH from Metamask to Ronin wallet’ on the search and the first link is it, and you can see the process to add the Ronin wallet in Metamask.

I also give information on how to do the transfer correctly using a Bridge, not a direct Transfer. Read the whole thread.