[HELP!] Theta Coin received on my wallet but not showing

Hello, I could only choose “support NFTs” category but this is not NFT related.

Anyhow, I sent some Theta tokens from Binance to MetaMask (MM) on 'Theta" network and unfortunately, it seems that I didn’t add “theta” network manually on MM prior to requesting the withdrawal from Binance. It shows that I do not have any Theta tokens balance when I manually imported both Theta token and created Theta network on my MM wallet. How can I locate these coins?

Please help. Thank you

Hello @Holywalk, welcome to the MetaMask community,

You can add the network any time to your MetaMask wallet. It is not necessary to add a network to your MetaMask wallet before sending the token. However, it has to be an EVM compatible network which MetaMask supports.

Search your address on Theta network explorer and see whether the tokens are there. Moreover, check to make sure that there are not any unwanted transactions in your account.

Make sure that you have not sent the token on another network as well.


hi @Holywalk ,welcome to MetaMask community.

I noticed that Binance only supports Theta network, which means you should enter the address of Theta network when withdrawing funds, not the address of MetaMask.

Also I noticed that we can add theta network to MetaMask, but I’m not sure if its wallet address and theta network above are the same. If not, your token may have been lost.

Later, I learned from the discord of theta that the contract address of wTheta is

Import it into MetaMask to see if your token is there.
If not, please join their discord from Thrta’s official website to see if your token can still be retrieved.


Thanks for your reply Maryam.
I’ve searched for my wallet address on Theta Explorer and I did find it using my wallet address. But not sure what to do… someone on reddit suggested to import my MM private keys to Theta wallet import to have them connect, and I thought I succeeded but I still didn’t see any balance of Theta tokens at all.
Is it okay to post my wallet address here for you guys to help further?

You can get the token contract address from the explorer. Click on the token on the explorer and find its contract address. Then you can add its contract to your MetaMask wallet under the Theta network.

Under your account on the Theta explorer, please check and make sure that there are not any unwanted transactions.


Hey Tuya, I’ve tried to add the token manually under Theta mainnet on MM and balance still shows 0. Not sure what you mean by "if its wallet address and theta network above are the same "
When I switch between networks on my MM account, it doesn’t seem to switch the wallet address, it kept the same one for different networks. So, Im not sure if where these tokens may be…

theta supports 2 chains, Theta network and EVM, you can see it in the official doc.

If the wallet address of evm is different from theta, you cannot use the address of MetaMask when you withdraw funds.
For example, the address of the Aptos chain looks the same as the address of Ethereum, but in fact the address of EVM does not exist in the Aptos network. If you withdraw Aptos to MetaMask, it will be lost.

It is best to consult Theta official to see where your token is.


I wasn’t able to find the token contract address from the explorer. It doesn’t do anything when I click on the token. (Like it’s just plain text).

First, you need to make sure the network on which you have sent your Theta tokens from Binance is an EVM compatible network. Otherwise, what Tuya suggested may be the reason why you can not see your tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

Please read Tuya’s post. You had better consult Binance Support and Theta officials in this regard.


Theta tokens are not available on MetaMask. Only TFUEL…

Download TETA Android or iOS wallet:
use MetaMask seed phase to create wallet.


@tuya @Maryam1 Thank you very much guys. I’ve contacted with the Theta official and got it resolved.


I have the same problem. Theta token does not show in my MetaMask. Which Theta official did you contact and how did you solve this problem?

hi @user2222 , join discord from Theta’s official website. you can ask team members there.

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I joined discord, but there are just 2 moderators. I cannot access other channels within the discord.

A very linited experience.

The moderator who helped me was Geneon.
Make sure you either send a DM to him or other moderators from the list on the right side.
Should anyone add you as a friend, always look out for fraud/scam


Thank you very much.