How can I add L2 network to support EIP-1559 on Matamask UI?

:rotating_light: How can I add an L2 network to support EIP-1559 on Matamask UI? :rotating_light:

Hello, I am a developer working on an L2 network that is in the process of migrating to Optimism Bedrock. Currently, our team is actively testing various functions. However, we are exploring the process of integrating MetaMask to support EIP-1559(Priority Fee: Low, Medium, High and Base Fee) for our network. Are there specific steps we should follow in this regard?

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Hi thanks for sharing please check our new Get EIP-1559 gas prices | INFURA by Infura Gas API | INFURA you can check more here: MetaMask’s Gas API is now available to any developer via Infura | MetaMask News

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