How can I download .crx file?

I am learning Python and doing some programming regarding MetaMask. One important step is to download .crx file of MetaMask. But I found that there is no link to .crx file in MetaMask site. Please advise. Thank you.




CRX is the file type used for Chrome extensions. (confusingly called a file extension)

I’m not sure of an official way to download it from Google or us directly, and I wouldn’t trust random inet sites to download it from. Easiest way to be sure you’re getting a valid CRX, is to make it yourself.

Open Chrome, then click the extensions icon > Manage Extensions. (its the puzzle piece)
Enable Developer Mode from the upper right.
You’ll get 3 new buttons on the top left, click “pack extension”

The default directory for the extension
Windows: C:\Users\ [yourUserName] \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn
(app data is typically a hidden folder, you may need to enable “show hidden files and folders” to see it)

iOS: Library>Application Support>Google>Chrome>Default>Local Extension Settings>nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn

Select the version you want to pack (by clicking that folder)
Then pack it. The CRX (packed) version of the file will be dropped into the same directory.


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