How to upload a modified folder "metamask-extension" to Chrome?

I read the articles on MetaMask community for developer-discussion but didn’t find the one could solve my little problem so I post my question to seek help.

Q:How to run the modified MetaMask extension on Chrome after I add/delete some codes located in the folder MetaMask-extension-10.31.1?

1.I downloaded the and Source code(MetaMask-extension-) from MetaMask on Github(MetaMask-extension/releases/tag/v10.31.1).

  1. And then I tried to modify some js files in the folder MetaMask-extension-10.31.1 to realize some functions
    3.I packaged the folder MetaMask-extension-10.31.1 to .crx but the Chrome failed to read it when I loaded unpacked.

(4.I can load the MetaMask-chrome-10.31.1 sucessfully, but it is the same as the version on the Github.)

Do I need to adjust the manifest.js from MetaMask-chrome-10.31.1?
If it’s true please give me some example/hints to modify the manifest.js.

Hello @user2207 !
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