How can I fund my MetaMask Wallet without credit cards

I am brand new to crypto and wallets and MetaMask. I created a wallet and now I need to fund it with a few bucks. It seems Metamask only allows two options to fund my wallet. 1. Transfer from another wallet, 2. Fund using a credit card to buy crypto.
Here is my problem. 1. I do not have another wallet, 2. No credit card I own allows me to purchase crypto. I called my credit card company and they just flatly tell me “we do not allow it and don’t know if we will ever allow it”. One credit card customer support person was nice enough to tell me, they are probably not going to allow it because they want to create their own crypto exchange so you have to use their crypto exchange when using their credit card.
Any advice??

Which country do you you stay ? There may be other options

I am in the United States.

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I’m not from the USA, so I don’t know your limitations, but what about Crypto(.)com? Getting a VISA card from there, and then buy some crypto. You need to transfer money from the card you got now to the card from Crypto(.)com, but I do my transfers in Euro and then convert to Crypto.

But you are not allowed to use your card at FTX, Coinbase, BinanseUS and so on ?

Thank you. My credit cards cannot be used to buy crypto on ANY exchange. Don’t really wanna get another credit card. Have 2 too many now, :grinning: Sounds like from the responses I am getting that there IS no solution to my dilemma - at least on MetaMask. I think Coinbase allows bank transfers but I heard coinbase is expensive to use (gas fees).

Coinbase and FTX(dot)US are options for the states, also Binance(dot)US. All of these allow you to use your bank account. Personally I’ve used Coinbase Pro the most. Coinbase Pro has cheaper fees than standard Coinbase, and there is no additional cost to using Coinbase Pro. Keep in mind, when you buy on Coinbase Pro the funds generally have to stay on their site for 7 days, for it to clear your bank before you can transfer to your MM wallet (or anywhere). If I want to transfer right away I’m able to buy $7500 on standard Coinbase (not Pro) and transfer right away but anything after that amount I can’t transfer for 7 days - the fees are higher through standard Coinbase though - so there is the trade. I don’t know if these rules are the same for everyone or if there are different levels where others might have better or different permissions than I have (assuming so).

I believe when you go through the steps to purchase, you’ll see the fees before you hit “buy.” So at that point you can not buy if it’s too high for you and at least you can compare this way - just move slow so you don’t accidentally click buy if you didn’t want to. Don’t hit buy if you’re not sure.

I don’t know the amount of time your funds have to sit on FTX(dot)US or Binance(dot)US. I don’t use Binance because it’s not offered in the state I live. You could also check Kraken and KuCoin and see what the regulations are for where you live. Compare them all. Crypto(dot)com is another one but from the little I’ve looked on their - the fees may be very high it seems.

These large exchanges generally aren’t charging you gas but they’re charging you flat fees, typically a percentage. You can utilize Google and their websites to find these fees, keep in mind they vary by token. I would also pay attention to fees that sites have for transferring your tokens off site - these vary by site and token, but I’ve seen some sites charge crazy amounts. This fee is also something you can research and compare before making a decision.

Once you get your tokens on MetaMask, you are now going to start paying gas for the transfers or interaction with contracts.

I generally sell on Coinbase Pro. You can withdrawal a large amount right away and there fees to sell are lower…or at least much lower than Coinbase (regular/standard). Before selling it’s best for you to research fees on selling side and decide where you want to sell when the time comes. One note - Coinbase Pro can look intimidating if you’re new, but it’s not. You just want to move slow and study and confirm what you’re doing is correct. There is a ton of room for user error, all over crypto! If you do it wrong you can buy or sell for a price you never intended (which could potentially be huge).

Move slow when transferring funds. Double, triple check addresses. Keep in mind you cannot just transfer a token that is on one network to another without using a bridge. If you do, you’ll lose the money. Examples : Ethereum Mainnet tokens can’t be transferred to directly Binance Smart Chain or Polygon without the use of a bridge so it’s great to learn and be aware of these things.

The Knowledge Base here on the MM site is an AWESOME tool for this information.

Lastly - just to throw it out there since you said you’re newer, be so careful for scams. So many people get hit. Keep in mind nobody, from anywhere, will ever, under any circumstance, ask for your seed phrase. Never give it out, including on websites or through links…never give it out. Be careful when clicking links in emails, in chats, on sites - even when it looks legit, so many times it’s not. I generally will always go to the website and only use if I know it’s legit.

Be cautious of ever screen sharing, have been seeing more people getting hit this way too because people can get your seed through QR codes that could get shared.

Maybe look into cold storage wallets if you’ll have a lot of funds. It’s an extra set of keys you can use with your MetaMask. Trezor and Ledger are two of the most well knows. When researching these, confirm they’re compatible with the tokens you’ll have/buy - there are lists on each site for this. I would suggest never buy a cold storage wallet through a 3rd party site and only go directly through the actual company - lots of scams out there.

Be careful and have a lot of fun!! We’re here for questions and the Knowledge Base here is great!


WOW! KBee. Thank you for all that great information. I was originally going to get my wallet through Coinbase, but I heard their fees are higher and I heard that MetaMask doesn’t collect personal information like Coinbase does. I am not using my wallet for crypto purchases. I am using it to go into the NFT market. Unfortunately, OpenSea charges you an initial fee when you post something on their site (it’s a one-time fee) so I need to have a few bucks in my wallet they can grab.
Looks like I will have to get a Coinbase Pro wallet after all, so that I can transfer it to my MetaMask wallet. :unamused:
You mentioned I cannot transfer from one network to another network without a bridge (whatever that is). You mention Polygon is on a different network than ETH. I thought Polygon was on the Ethereum Mainnet, but maybe not. Oddly enough, Polygon doesn’t charge gas fees when you post/sell something on OpenSea, so it is suggested to use Polygon as your crypto to pay fees and accept payment. So that is what I am trying to do - buy some polygon crypto. i guess I can buy Polygon on Coinbase Pro and then transfer it to MetaMask.
I have read all the warning about someone stealing your passwords. Since I am not going to be trading in crypto, I don’t think I have to worry about that. I am only using my wallet to pay Opensea fees. My theory is when someone pays me $1 million for my artwork on OpenSea :rofl: I won’t have to worry about fees anymore and buying crypto.
Thank you for your help

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Hey @Delphi, no problem! Couple things I should clarify -

  • Coinbase Pro is not a wallet. It’s a crytocurrency exchange.

  • There are two Coinbase exchanges you can use for buying crypto. I think that was your original question, where can you buy crypto without using a credit card? This is one option to do that. Coinbase (the standard one that loads at coinbase(dot)com) and Coinbase Pro (loads at pro(dot)coinbase(dot)com. You’ll see the interface on each exchange is vastly different. If you use Coinbase Pro I strongly suggest watching a few videos and understand the different buttons so you don’t click the wrong thing. You can accidentally fat finger something that is so crazy on there - which many people have done in the past. Walk through all steps slowly and read everything popping up. You’ll see Coinbase(dot)com the standard Coinbase site is really easy, just swapping your funds from a bank account to whatever crypto you need.
    FTX(dot)US, KuCoin, Kraken, Binance(dot)US - these are all available in the states (Binance isn’t available in all states) and again, are exchanges, not wallets. I’d research each to decide what works best for you and what you’re comfortable with.

  • MetaMask is a hot wallet. Coinbase has a hot wallet too, which is separate from their exchange sites discussed above. I prefer MetaMask to other hot wallets but this is me personally. I don’t know if there are or what the fees are on other wallets on top of gas (if they even charge anything). MetaMask does not charge any fees, unless you use their swap function which has a minimal fee (under 1%). Again, just to throw it out there the gas/gwei/transaction charges you will see are not going to MetaMask.

  • Gas will be charged when you do anything on the ethereum network, assuming this is what you’re mainly buying your NFTs on? Let me know if you’re using another network. On ethereum, gas fluctuates heavily. Sometimes it can be vastly different from morning to night, especially if there is a lot of activity on the network. MetaMask doesn’t get the gas fees, these fees are going to the miners running/executing the transactions on the blockchain.

  • Polygon is built on ethereum, you are right! You may hear people talk about layer 1 and layer 2’s. Polygon is layer 2, built on ethereum which is layer 1. Anything that you can load/use on MetaMask is EVM compatible. Meaning it’s built on or compatible with the ethereum network. Even though Polygon is built on ethereum, you can’t trade between the two networks without bridging. I’m going to post some Knowledge Base at the end of this which you can check out. Lots of people accidentally send between networks without bridging and when that happens, funds can be lost.

  • Polygon charges a one time gas fee on OpenSea I think (if I’m remembering right?). Once you do that once, you’re good to go forever in that account (I think). These are why people use/are developing layer 2’s…gas can be an issue on ethereum - but - there are things in the works to improve this, Forever a path being blazed on this!

  • You absolutely 10000% should worry about your wallet being compromised. NFT traders/owners/creators are some of the largest targeted groups. An NFT is a token (NFT - non-fungible token) while it’s not functioning for you like a fungible token like Bitcoin, ETH, etc. - it’s still very much something that can be stolen. NFT traders/buyers are susceptible to the same risks as a cryptocurrency trader. Study security, I can’t stress this enough. Be aware, always. I’ve seen people in this for years accidentally do something they knew they shouldn’t be doing in the heat of the moment and realize it after. I try to always remind myself to move slowly, read it all, but it can be a challenge when you’re wrapped up into it.

I’ve seen the stories where people lose millions of dollars of NFTs. You have to be careful with what you connect your wallet with and what you approve to interact with your wallet.

One concern isn’t them just stealing your password, your secret recovery phrase and private key (two different things) are like the golden key for anyone to get into your wallet and gain access to anything you own. You should have these written down somewhere, on paper, in a really secure spot. If you have an NFT that becomes worth $ or is worth everything to you, I would strongly suggest a cold storage wallet. These are another layer of security to add to a hot wallet like MetaMask. They are basically like a set of keys someone needs to access your funds when they’re locked in.

But ultimately, study security!!!

There is so much more I’d love to share but I know this is a lot so I’ll just share some articles from Knowledge Base too. Have fun!

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does anyone know how to post in the support forum. the topic category is not showing up for me . thx

Hi @poppyb ,

If you mean to post here on the board, when you log in and are on the home page of the forum, on the right hand side just under your profile circle pic, there should be a “new topic” button - this is where you could post something for here. If you can’t find it and want to post here, go for it.

If you mean to chat with a live help desk agent you can contact the support team at and click Start a Conversation

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A live chat box window will then automatically appear on your screen where you may contact the support team. Initially you will be connected to a bot but ask you go through the responses you’ll get linked to a live agent.

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