closing account

I received a notice that Gate is closing my account because I live in the US.
Citizens and residents of the U.S.A are prohibited entirely, please withdraw your coin before 10th April, 2022. After 30th April 2022, we will permanently close your account.
I have 25 coins/tokens on that exchange.
What is the easiest way to transfer then to my Metamask?
What coins are accepted? What chains are necessary? Do i need to google each coin separately?
Thank You!!!


Hi Chriojan!

Oh man, sorry to hear this. Good news is you are ahead of the game and taking care of this now.

There are several networks and tokens accepted on MetaMask. The chain has to be an EVM I believe, so chains like Solana and Polkadot are not compatible with MetaMask.

You can add EVM compatible networks, like BSC or Polygon to MetaMask. you just want to make sure you’re always sending from/to on the same network. A lot of people accidentally send tokens from one network to another and that can’t be done without bridging, so keep that in mind.

I’m going to share a couple articles from Knowledge base that might help, here is one -


Some of the tokens will appear auto in your wallet (like eth) but some you may have to manually import and add. It’s easy to do this, you’d just add the token address and decimals which you can get from the contract or you can go to a site like coingecko(dot)com and click the little fox icon next to where it says contract; this feature is not available on all tokens but it helps.

If you’re not sure if your chain is EVM compatible or if the network will be available, feel free to ask here - someone in the community can tell you! Example, if you’d ask if Polkadot is an available network, the answer is unfortunately, no.

Just keep in mind nobody from support will ever ask for your seed phrase or files. They also won’t direct you to a phone number or another chat.

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Thanks KBee
How do I know what chain the coins are associated with?

Hi Chriojan,

I have a longer message I typed up that is on hold because the system is flagging it as needing to be reviewed before showing here. Once a mod reviews it, you’ll see it.

Wanted to at least briefly share that some of these on your list are not compatible with MetaMask and some are. I will get you more detail and post in this thread in about 24 hours. I want to see if I can find you the best/easiest solution. I’ll communicate everything openly on this thread, be vigilant of scammers.



I’ll go through this list tonight and provide details that might help. To help me learn, I may actually compile my list, send to someone who knows better detail and have them review then post for you in this thread the best info I could find. Give me about 24 hours to respond.

In the meantime, a great way for research that I use is going to coingecko(dot)com and searching the token I want. Click on the token that you want and look in the upper right hand side of screen, there is a section that says Info. Not all the information is always accurate, especially tags and wallets. But the websites and explorers listed are the two parts I generally use.

It’s great you’re being careful with this and early.

Just a friendly reminder nobody will DM you or ask for your personal info including recovery phrase or log in. There is no whats app and nobody will ask for your email or want you to call them. Many scammers out here, figure to share just to be careful!

I’ll respond here again soon!


Hi Chriojan!,

I wanted to give you an update. I apologize, I got behind on this. I’m finishing the list now to send to someone in about an hour. Once they review (it may take them a day or so), I’ll respond! I want to make sure I’m not telling you incorrect information but I’m going through every token on the list with info I can find.

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Your contribution is enormous. Thank You for how far you are going. That being said what do you think of this idea for both ease and less fees (gate charges a lot to transfer out). What if a swap all these coins for USDT. Then make one transfer of that. Once out of gate. I could repurchase these coin on simpleswap or elsewhere. What am I missing with this idea?

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Hi Chriojan,

I’m going to respond in two seperate posts. First RE: your question about swapping to USDT -

Correct, you can swap all your tokens on the exchange to USDT to avoid paying gas fees, keep in mind that the exchange also charge fees to swap for these tokens. After you have transferred to MetaMask, you are also correct that you can re-purchase these tokens on a decentralized exchange or swap for them on MetaMask Swaps, but also keep in mind that some of these coins may not be available to swap for if there is not enough liquidity for it. MetaMask swaps charges a small fee. Also, if you’re desire is to transfer USDT to a centralized exchange and purchase there too, you can do that too. One friendly reminder is USDT is available on several networks so being conscious of which network is always important, especially when sending or doing swaps.

Here is more information about MetaMask Swaps on the Knowledge Base if you are interested:


Hi Chirojan!,

Below is the information I could find. I basically am using a combo of Coingecko and Google for this information. Please know, I do not work for MetaMask but am sharing info I can find. There may be better options/answers you can find out there. I can’t share outside links so I typed out (dot) where you would need to put a . in place of (dot) to get the website.

Also wanted to share a few key things -

Nobody from any token, community, website, support team, nobody ever, should or would ask you for your seed phrase if they are legitimately trying to help you. Don’t ever give it to anyone, even if they try to convince you they’re support. Same with giving out any log-in information or private key - there is no circumstance I would ever share any of this with anyone… Computer files too, I wouldn’t share them. Lastly, screen sharing - I’ve seen too many people get scammed this way too, I would suggest never doing it; there are ways for people to get your info this way with you never seeing it. I apply this rule to myself and this goes for the entire web, including all chats, emails, websites, discord, support team questions for any site - everything.

There may be other exchanges that would hold your tokens. I wouldn’t suggest an exchange but something to keep in mind if you get really lost on any. I would be aware though if any of the trading of a token that is typically on an exchange is frozen currently, this can and does happen.

I’d strongly suggest a hardware wallet like Ledger or Nano to go with your MetaMask, especially if you’re keeping your funds on it! This is a key in keeping funds safe. Security is so important to keep your funds safe.

Keep in mind when tokens are on different networks you want to be really aware of the transfers and receives you’re doing. You cannot transfer directly from one network to another and will lose tokens this way. Bridges will need to be used.

Here is my list below - hope this helps with getting started!

OMI - is this the same as ECOMI? If so, it’s ethereum. will be available to add on MM.

RUNE - THORChain - do you know what network you bought? There is native, BEP2, and ERC20? If it’s native RUNE, you would need a wallet that supports THORChain. BEP2 also would need to be on a separate wallet. ERC20 RUNE would be the only one that could get stored on MetaMask. It’s key to finding out which one it is. I’d assume native but confirm.

AKT - assuming Akash. This is on Cosmos which is not available on MetaMask. If you got to the Akash website, and click token, they share Keplr and Cosmostation as supported wallets. Always make sure you’re downloading the right wallet, go through the sites actual links.

THETA - Theta Token - It looks like by this tweet you can add the Theta network to MetaMask, there are also articles included - twitter(dot)com/theta_network/status/1423670995827712001

LUNA - MetaMask doesn’t support the native LUNA, but it does take ERC-20 or BEP-20 LUNA (both on different networks). If you have native go to their website. Click on “learn” up top and then look for “guides” and you’ll see the guide “terra wallet guide.” I think you can wrap luna through a bridge to send to MetaMask but you’re taking extra steps here and would want to be careful, confirm all steps. I don’t use Trust Wallet but they may be able to hold LUNA - you could look into that too maybe, I’m not positive.

KDA - Kadena - not available on Metamask. Go to their website, click on “ecosystem” and click “wallet.” It will give you the choices. I see a lot of people use Chainweaver.

DYDX - on ETH - you can store on MetaMask.

VET - VeChain network is not available on MetaMask. Here is the faq on their website, see under “where can I store my vet” - www(dot)vechain(dot)org/faq/

RNDR - Is it Render token, this is on ETH network, compatible with MetaMask

UOS - Is it this Ultra token www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/ultra , this is on ETH network, compatible with MetaMask

SFUND - Is it Seedify.Fund www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/seedify-fund , this is on BSC network, compatible with MetaMask

HIGH - is it Highstreet? www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/highstreet, if so this is on Ethereum network, compatible with MetaMask

WILD - there are several WILD tokens, can you confirm which one? Wilder World, Wild Credit, Wild Ride, Wild Island Game just to name a few.

PYR - is it Vulcan Forged www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/vulcan-forged ? If so, if so this is on Ethereum network, compatible with MetaMask

STX - there are a couple STX I can find, Stacks - www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/stacks and Stox - www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/stox - do you know which one?

MOVR - it is Moonriver www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/moonriver ? Going off their documents, it looks like you can add the MoonRiver network to MetaMask. Seperate network though.

XYM - is it a Symbol www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/symbol ? I am not familiar with this network. I can see Kucoin has it.

FTM - Is it Fantom www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/fantom ? Fantom is it’s own network, but it can be added to MetaMask

CKB - Is it Nervos Network www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/nervos-network ? I am not familiar with this one and I get conflicting information with Google.

SAND - Is it Sandbox www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/the-sandbox ? If so it is on Ethereum and can be added to MetaMask

BSV -Is it Bitcoin SV www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/bitcoin-sv ? You cannot store on MetaMask. There are several wallet options, use Google but also be vigilant you’re going to correct sites. I typically start with the tokens website.

XEM - is it NEM? www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/nem . I am not familiar with this one and I get murkey information with Google. You’ll have to dig on this one. Their website links to a discord. Just remember, no matter what a team of any token or someone who really wants to help you will never ask you to give them your seed, log in, or share your screen. Typically those are all signs of a scammer.

Hope this helps!


I just thought I should also share, personally when I purchase tokens through MetaMask or a decentralized exchange, I’m cross checking I have the right token by cross checking the contract address through coingecko and the tokens website. There are so many scam and duplicate tokens out there, and the only way you can confirm you’re getting the right one on the exchange is verifying the contract.

Hope this all helps!


This is amazing!!!
Thank You repeatedly.
I will start working on the easy ones first.
Side note I do have a Ledger and I did find 6-7 of these I can transfer there.
I have work to do but you have lightened my load dramatically.
Thanks again


To answer you questions
STX - there are a couple STX I can find, Stacks - It is this one!!!
www(dot)coingecko(dot)com/en/coins/stacks do you know which one?WILD - there are several WILD tokens, can you confirm which one? Wilder World

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Awesome! Wilder World is Ethereum and MetaMask compatible. At one point WILD was both Binance and Ethereum. They are on two separate networks so not compatible. The Binance Smart Chain network is no longer valid I believe and you had to convert the tokens through a bridge on their website to be on Ethereum. My guess is you have Ethereum, always good to double check I guess!

Here is WILD -

Sometimes I’ll even cross check between coingecko, the tokens website, and their twitter to make sure I’m getting legit info…it’s insane how many scams are out there.

I am officially losing it.
I started to transfer process.
The fees are $40-75 per coin to transfer to Metamask. That’s 10-15% of my holdings. I thought the fees should be 2-3%. What am I missing?
Is there a more economical way since I am transferring 10 ETH

Hi Chirojan,

Oh no! I’m sorry this is frustrating!

Is it Gate charging you those fees?

Swapping tokens on decentralized exchanges as well as sending between various wallets, you pay gas for the transaction. Gas fluctuates heavily, especially anything on Ethereum Mainnet.

But I’m curious if these initial charges are the standard fees Gate charges for transferring off their exchange?

I got some ideas (and others may too!) but figured that answer may help.

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Not sure how to accurately answer your question. When I go to gate and put in a withdrawal request, they show me the fee for the withdrawal. This fee shows up before i even put in a withdrawal amount (side bar- This is what happened when I previously transferred the BNB and sent it on the wrong exchange. It was the same fee to send .1 BNB as it was to send 2 BNB. So it appears there’s a minimum charge from gate). This is why one of my earlier ideas was to swap these holdings for USDT or ETH and transfer all at once as it will be a single fee plus the fee to swap plus the fee to swap again after the transfer

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Yea, so I think choosing the option that saves you the most money makes the most sense. There are lots of options to consider for sure.

Keep in mind you’ll pay gas fees for swaps on each network, some less than others. Most likely anything on Ethereum Mainnet would be highest cost and doing transactions when gas is lower is ideal.

One note, be aware of the USDT you swap to, it’s available on a a couple networks. You want to choose the correct wallet related to the USDT blockchain type.

Throwing out there to look into cold storage wallets (either Trezor or Ledger) or that extra layer of security with MMask.

Hope some of this helps and we can see what others share too!

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Also I know there was a ton of info I hit in this thread so sharing this one too since it has info from MMask Knowledge Base that can be helpful.


This is a very helpful thread with Gate closing the gate. I transfered RNDR to MM but it hasn’t shown up? Any help on why and how to search it out?