How can I recover my tokens when I send tokens to wrong wallet

Do I have anyway can recover my tokens from sendding worng wallet? please help me, thank you

You can’t recover a token sent to a wrong wallet. Only if you have the seed phrase to the wrong address. Else there is nothing to do.

What is the wrong address you have sent to ? On the ethscan I have seen that you sometimes can sent a message to the owner of the address, but don’t know how it really works

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I sent to biswap wallet. so I contact to biswap support. they told me that cannot recover too. I try to find another way for recover. it’s my false that didn’t re-check before send. T_T

Maybe you should check if you have been victim for a Clipboard hack.

Try to copy your wallet address and then paste it into some other place and see if it has changed. This Clipborad hack happens to many people.

No, I dont’ think so. how can I contact to owner wallet? I tracked from transaction until found wallet owner. but I don’t know that I will send a message to him.

I don’t know how this works, but I have seen this little chat icon on etherscan.

I will try. Thank you for your helping. <3

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