How metamask keyringController works

Is there any detailed doc/blog/anything that will help me to understand how MetaMask works internally and how they manage Keyrings?

Also, how can I import existing accounts into the keyring?

Any lead will be helpful. Thanks.


Hello @akshayBhim and welcome to MetaMask community.

I’m hoping these articles can help you and shed some light on what you are inquiring about.


Thanks for your reply. But this does not answer my main question that how they import new accounts in an existing keyring.

I am referring to this repo github[dot]com/MetaMask/KeyringController

Hey @akshayBhim ,

Here is a link to the dev docs however I don’t see anything relating to keyring. Will keep digging!

Found this which seems to break down well -


you can copy the keyings but its some more dangeous

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