How to add COIN logo for native coin on Layer 1 network in metamask?

I am trying to find out how to add a logo to a native coin on a new layer 1 network. Please note this is not a token and it is the native coin on a new layer 1 chain, so it does not have a token address. Most instructions I have found here will require a token address and this is simply not available for the native coin on a Layer 1 Network. Also we want to load it for everyone that uses MetaMask and not just individual users locally. Any information that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @cryptjomoon, welcome to MetaMask community!

Here’s what i know about what you requested. There are a few pointers regarding this. Please also open an issue on this Github repository as well.


Thanks for the info, it appears from what I read so far that it all applies to tokens with a token address and not a native layer 1 coin. I may have to open an issue on the Github repository as you suggested. Thanks.

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