How to export MetaMask Stats Log in CSV not JSON?

As above. thank you

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Are you looking for your state logs or transaction history?

If state logs, when you follow this, on Chrome does this work?


Transaction history in Metamask please.

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Hi @RayRayRay ,

You can see your transaction history on blockchain explorers. A site like is great to use because if the address has interacted with several networks it will bring up all in one place. You do not need to connect your wallet to this site, you just drop in your public address and all networks with all transaction history related to that address will pop up.

This article shares more detail:

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Thanks already tried that but it does not give full and accurate details of the transaction i.e does n0#ot show the actual value of transactions and charges but show show current which useless as you know the prices fluctuate massively.
I wondered if MetaMask keep the actual transaction history to get a real value at the time of transactions.

All transactions on blockchain explorers load the value of what they were at the time of transaction. In case it helps, here is another Knowledge Base article.


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