How to submit a help desk ticket

How do I start a ticket? There is no button anywhere on the desktop website.

It’s super difficult to ask questions when you kill all the topics after YOU think it’s finished

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From the following link, click on “Start a Conversation” (please see the image)

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Hey @Sadboi ,

The topics RE: compromised get closed automatically for the users security.

The post I shared had a link to this thread that walks you through how to submit a helpdesk ticket. Go to : and click the Start a Conversation button (will be on the right in the upper/mid section of page). Sometimes the button takes a minute to load, if it doesn’t load for you, let us know, (image below).

It’s going to connect you to a bot which has you submit the ticket. In the original thread I shared, after submitting the ticket you also can then file a ticket with Asset Reality, let me know if you need me to reshare that link.




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