How to open a ticket for support?

Hey does anyone know how I can open a ticket to get some support from MetaMask? I’m just getting the same answers from google here… anyone know if there’s a MetaMask discord?

Let me know, cheees

You can ask questions directly in the post…

We only offer support through our official channels at and here on

To submit a ticket you can click Start a conversation

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Cheers for the reply…

Is there actually a option for start a conversation or just ‘new topic’?

You can contact the support team on through Start a conversation

You can create a New Topic on

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Yes and if anyone help you you win the lottery !

Hi Winnie,
Is it possible you can upgrade my trust / allow me to post links please? I’m writing a lot of posts to try and point users in the right direction to recover their wallets but my links keep getting removed. See my bio as an example, I put 3 links to articles here that are really useful and they’ve been removed.

Best, Chris

Hey @ChrisDC, unfortunately there are several scammers that try to scam our community members. For the safety and security of our users, we have restricted the ability to post links for everyone except staff members.

That’s a shame, but understandable I guess.
So how would you suggest I post the articles I written?

Best, Chris

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

If you would like to post a summary or paraphrase of your articles you can do so here.

I’m in need of assistance. I have opened a support ticket as I have lost activity on the MATIC portion of my account. This was done via I have received no response to date. It suggests on Twitter that I use @MetaMaskSupport. I was sent to a link that asked for my recovery phrase. This is when I stopped the process. Why does Support not respond to emails?

Hey @LyleD, please make sure you have contacted the support team through the official support channel at and clicking Start a conversation

The team will NEVER ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase. It may take a few days for the support team to respond, they will be with you as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience!

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