How to swap between Ethereum mainnet and smart chain networks

I want to buy tezos and pay with my ETH.
I added the smart chain network to my metamask wallet
however, while in mainnet network and trying to swap tokens
I cannot see the tezos token XTZ on the tokens swap list.

How do I do this?

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Have you found a solution?

I’m facing similar issue.
I have some USDC on the Binance Smart Chain in my Metadata wallet.
But when I want to Swap I it seems I need to be on the Ethereum Mainnet.
And when I switch to Eth Mainnet I cannot see my USDC tokens which are on BSC.

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I haven’t found a solution yet

Hello, @samarel and @Flatbanana99 Welcome to the Metamask community.

At the moment, Metamask doesn’t support cross-chain swap.
You can research into using bridges and move the tokens cross chains first and then swap.

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What if the transaction is successful and the token is missing in the metamask. I use metamask exchange ETH bep20 to USDT erc20. Please help me find solution.