How to technically integrate Metamask in the platform


I have a platfrom. And I need:

a) when user deposit money they move using Metamask from user wallet to platform wallet and add to user balance in the platform;
b) when user withdraw money they move from platform wallet to user wallet and remove from user balance in the platform.

I don’t understand, how can I make changes with user balance in my platform after Metamask transaction? Is it only possible using smart contracts or is it possible to use webhooks with transaction verification in Etherscan?

Help please with understanding because Im stuck.

Hey @j4nry, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

To integrate MetaMask with your platform, you can use the Ethereum Provider API. Just a few steps and all the information can be found on the MetaMask docs found here:

To see the user’s balance on the platform wallet, you may be able to do what you mentioned with Etherscan’s APIs:

Thank you a lot for answer, @nakedwinnie!

Did I get it right, on front side I integrate MetaMask using ethereum provider api,
on back side - use etherscan for check transaction and change user platform balance?

Yes, but I never used Etherscans APIs and am not too familiar with it, so don’t know how it works.

Hope it works out well! :slight_smile:

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