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Hi here,
I want to create a login with MetaMask to authenticate to my web app. For now I got the first parts ok: 1/ connect with Meta Mask, 2/ ask for a signature (with siwe format await window.ethereum.request({ method: “personal_sign”,params: [msg, account]} ), 3/ send the signature to my web server.
My server is J2EE or PHP and I can’t use node or any other more recent framework, and I’m stuck how to check the signature :man_shrugging:
Have you ever done it before ? Any help would be much appreciated !

Hi are you using MetaMask sdk by any chance?

Thanks @0xroo for answering :slight_smile:
Server Side I’m not using any sdk so far. I was considering using web3J but I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to drop a jar file server side.
I didn’t know there was a MetaMask sdk for Java :thinking: I’ll investigate this, thank you.

Yeah I’m not sure about Java you would to research. Check hyperledger besu > public maybe consider running your own node I also found this for php
Verifying Ethereum (Web3) signed message in PHP - Stack Overflow

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