I cannot see my MATIC, sent by Swissborg

Hello everyone.
I try to send Polygon(MATIC) from my Swissborg account, at a custom network (Polygon/MATIC at Metamask) that I create, throuth the link.
Today, at 10.31 I sent 128 MATIC from my Swissborg Account at my Metamask Wallet. Swissborg, mentions after 3’ that the transaction is Successfull.

Till now, I have no show of the token at my wallet.
how much time does it takes from Swissborg the trasnfer?

Tx Hash:

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you in dvance,
Nikos Mp

Guys, I am sorry for the misunderstanding!
the Funds, arrived securely, but they arrived at my Etherium Network and not at the MATIC network.

i just note it for the inconveniece.
Also, at the Matic Network, METAMASK does not let me to BUY Matic !!! Does anyone knows something?