The matics I sent from gateio exchange to my metamask wallet were not transferred to my account help

The matics I sent from gateio exchange to my metamask wallet have not been transferred to my account, it has been 2 days, please help

hash 0x199d0fe74073ca51a012d9970b46c7812f27abfb99567a73cba40788467dd553

Hey @asomah, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like your transaction was successful on Polygonscan.

Please make sure your MetaMask wallet is configured to Polygon network, you can read more about how to add a custom network on our Knowledge Base here:

The transaction seems to be successful, but how can it be transferred to another place without matic in my account? There is a polygon in my wallet.

You will need MATIC in your account to pay for the required gas fees to transfer.

There are some faucets you can use that provide a small amount of MATIC to cover gas fees, like this one:

Your Matic balance is 0 :expressionless: :point_down: check transactions here

what should i do if i send some matic to my account will the problem be solved

How did the matics get here before they got to my wallet?


Cüzdanıma ulaşmadan önce matikler buraya nasıl geldi?