I cannot swap tokens

When I try to swap my coin to BNB I get this: “Try adjusting the amount or slippage settings and try again.” Even though I did %15 it didn’t work… What should I do?


Hello, @casper Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Are you using mobile or the extension? Which version?
Also what token are you using to swap to BNB?

These information will help others to assist you quicker.

Hello, I’m using extension on Chorome and my version is 9.5.8
I’ve tried to swap pit token to bnb and also tried on tokens named; 100x, RTF, CHIBI. I can see my token on the extension app and once I try to swap them to bnb or any token, I can’t…

Do you have and BNB in your wallet? Swaps require a gas fee which is low, like 0.008BNB, but if you have 0BNB it might be you have insufficient funds to make the swap.

Hi I am new.
I can’t Swap my coins in my Metamask Mobile Wallet.

I tried to Swap Shiba to ETH, Jejudoge to ETH and Kishu Inu to ETH and both failed.

I also tried to Swap from Jejudoge or Kishu Inu to Shiba Inu also failed.

Please kindly advice.

hello lsq, exactly the same problem, and largely enough bnb to pay the gas fee…
not the first time and it’s really boring.
I think metamask promess lots of things on the paper, but …

na mogu zamjeniti AINU za BNB na smart Walletu