Not able to swap

I have been trying to swap between between tokens on Binance Smart Chain, but no matter what I try swapping, its gets to stage 3/3 (finalizing) and nothing happens from there, it just hangs. Trades I have tried to do is ETH to BNB, ETH to CAKE, LINK to BNB, LINK to CAKE. I have also tried to increase slippage and still nothing. Any idea why that would be happening?

I have the same problem. MetaMask wants some fee denominated in BNB. I do not actually have BNB but some other tokens.
Must I have some BNB to any swap?

Hi yes, it will not make any swap no matter what I do. it looks fine, i accept the swap but nothing happens.

this is my mtamask BNB wallet address: 0xbc5cfc6aa7b55a5CD1a24f46D5FC17a35054dEa3

Sorry I jst realised I got the wrong thred but I have the same issue.