I didn't receive my NFT from Binance


I have just sent my NFT from my Binance account to Metamask account by creating a new smart chain network in Metamask. But unfortunately I didn’t receive. Then, to understand, I tried to send small about of BNB and it happened. But still I dunno where my NFT is… Please help me

Fyi I didn’t have any amount before I sent the NFT.

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Hello, can you provide your transaction ID?

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Is this your address? The NFT is already in this address, you should see it, you can also open the ToFunft platform to view your NFT in the BSC chain

No it is not my address… I made the transaction with connecting my wallets automatically in binance. Also I have metamask in my phone and also using on web but both addresses are different , why ?

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Binance doesn’t need a link wallet. Did you go to a fake website?

When you go to Binance NFT, then withdraw, it says “add wallet” and when you click that it gives you option for Metamask as well. So after clicking that it was automatically done and linked, since my Metemask wallet was also on. I only picked the chain and confirmed…

Also destination address is mentioned as 0x0d95F168143F187a41370615efe11f25a16039cf in binance…

Is it convenient to send your metamask wallet address? Let me check it for you.

Because I have been using binance all the time, I haven’t found the proposed button to buy NFT in it, so I have no similar experience. You can also wait patiently for other personnel to answer for you. Can you send out the screenshot of your binance NFT website

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What is your MetaMask address that you wanted the NFTs to go to?

My metamask wallet that I wanted to send is; 0xA31f7103460a8E5DAF8a3987B7cf7C7Ea999e6a0

but I don’t know where it was sent…

I can reply now thanks…

My metamask wallet that I wanted to send is; 0xA31f7103460a8E5DAF8a3987B7cf7C7Ea999e6a0

but I don’t know where it was sent…

It looks like you didn’t receive NFT in your address, you can check the record you sent and see if you can find any clues

Yeah this is the second tx that I tried after not receiving the NFT… and it worked. I don’t know where it went. I did use the same methods for both… Do you have any idea how can I learn whose address was that ?

Where did you get these NFTs? Because I found that the behavior of these NFTs is very suspicious after repeated inspection,If you are sure it was purchased and sent by binance, you’d better go to binance to give you an explanation and believe that they will give you the answer

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Thank you so much I will check with them

I finally found that I sent the nft from binance account to my opensea wallet address directly… Can you please help me what to do because I am not seeing it…

Think about which address you sent NFT to? You should be able to find the record where you originally sent it.

Hi again,

I found the wallet address and I was also able joined to that with the same security phrases :slight_smile: I don’t know how I have 2 different wallets with the same phrases even :smiley:
Now my question is there was no bnb smart chain or any amount… So I opened a smart chain account and put some amount for gas fee. Do you think I will receive that NFT now ?