I have deposited eth from metamask to ronin, and it still has not arrived for 3 days ago, what can i do?

I have deposited ETH from Metamask to My ronin wallet, and It’s still has not arrived for 3 days ago, I have lowerd the rate to a payable amount and so far My ETH is not deposited in my wallet yet.


I am operating in a PC windows

Write these down and place them next to your computer or in your phone notes.
Refer to them daily or when in doubt.

Rule #1: Never share your 12 words Secret Recovery Phrase (seed phrase) or private keys
Rule #2: Beware Impersonators! Make sure to see their trust level 4.
Rule #3: Never DM with someone offering to help.
Rule #4: Never enter your secret seed phrase or private keys into any website online.
Rule #5: Never trust someone asking you to “authenticate your wallet”
Rule #6: Never import to your wallet a private key or a seed phrase someone gave you

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