I have sent ETL from Bibox to MetaMask but I don't see the tokens credited to my MetaMask wallet

I have sent ETL from Bibox to MetaMask but I don’t see the tokens credited to my MetaMask wallet. plz help



here you are

I sent etherlite to Metamask wallet

thank you so much, when do i see it complete?

Do you mean to delete the app and install it again?

I tried to connect in Metamask with the address you gave me " https:// metamask restore [DOT] io/en/", but I can’t connect.

I just want to know you are working for Metamask?

I deleted the app and reinstalled it, reconnected to the etherlite network and checked, but nothing changed.
I am worried that there is a problem.
Why is the transaction record not showing up on the etherlite network?
Please check why my etherlite tokens are not appearing in my wallet.

I wonder why the Etherlight sent from the BIbox exchange is not recorded in the MetaMesk wallet and the transaction history is not displayed. plz check

I have successfully transacted from my BIbox account to the Metamesk Etherlight Network. But why is the Etherlight sent from Bibox to Metamesk not appearing in the Ether light network transaction history? Can’t check transaction details?
I have confirmed that the number of tokens sent from Buybox is added to my wallet in Metamesk, but I wonder why the transaction records are not showing up.

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