I have the problem

I have the problem. Haven’t entered my wallet for four months. Now I entered with a secret phrase, but I find myself on a new account. I have the initial wallet address. But the metamask is displayed with a different address. How do I log into my original account?
how can I directly contact support to resolve my issue. I know my account, but I can’t log in using the secret phrase.

Please press “create account” until the address is generated, assuming it originated under that secret phrase and wasn’t imported.

Hi, can you select your main account from the drop down menu? I don’t know why but it has happened to me couple times before where there’s another account out of nowhere when you restore you account!! As long as you have your main account showing you are fine. There’s nothing they are going to do, I wasted lots of time with that.

If you can’t see your original account then restore again with your private key and you should be able to have access to your account.