I have tokens but I have no visible price

I did the correct SWAP. I’ve done this many times, so it’s not a bug. The transaction went as usual - successful. Unfortunately, I do not have a view on the price.

As everyone knows, there is no price so generally it is zero. And this means that I can’t do anything about it, neither sell nor trade it for something else.

I wrote to Coingecko - where I downloaded the token code. They wrote back to me to add this token to my favorites and it would be visible. Those morons think they helped. Of course the token was added before I made the swap.

So what’s going on? Who blew the job? Coingecko or metamask?
I want a visible price on my tokens to manage them, my investigation has been going on for 2 days and I have no answer.

I am asking for help - otherwise … This topic will fly deep into the web,

Hi there,

Metamask does not provide fiat values for all tokens. This does not prevent sending the tokens, nor does it prevent you from swapping them (if there is a market for them).