I need help i lose my token


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Hello, how did you lose coin? Can you tell me the process in detail?

Withdraw from Biance account busdt and send to metamask wallet… the busdt appeared in the wallet for a few seconds and then disappeared completely

The address you transferred out seems to be a fraudulent address. Someone has the same experience as you. You may have leaked your private key or clicked a strange link. Please kill the computer virus immediately and use a new metamask account address

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my tokens have been lost or can i retrieve them

Due to the decentralization of blockchain, once it is transferred out, it cannot be retrieved. Therefore, security protection must be done to avoid being cheated again

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is there a way to contact the account where the tokens were transferred

This address is marked with the swindler’s address, which can’t be retrieved. You can leave a message on the block, but it doesn’t seem to help. Again, I suggest you reuse the new address to avoid recurrence


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