I sent avax tokens from Avalanche network to BSC network. I can return them?

I sent avax tokens from Avalanche network to BSC network address. Can I return them?
Binance support don`t see this transaction.

Hi there,

Unfortunately once a tx has been accepted by the network it cannot be cancelled or reversed.

Did you send the tokens to an address/account associated with your MetaMask wallet?

If so, in your MetaMask wallet, viewing the address/account you sent the tokens to and connected to the Binance Smart Chain, add the AVAX custom token. You can find steps to do so here.

If the network was able to process and complete the tx, your token balance will appear. If your token balance does not appear, please submit a support ticket with your public address the tokens were sent to as well as the txid and we’ll take a closer look.

Hello Alex. I did the same and I have the same problem. Do you have any solution for this?

Hi, Peter!

Write to the technical support of Binance, only they can solve this problem.
While they refuse me, they answer that they do not support this network.
Perhaps they will decide soon, so they answered. I offered them the solution described in this guide:

Write to them too about this problem, there will be more of us, maybe they will speed up this process!

Before contacting us.

Thank you Alex!

I agree with you. There will be more of us in this situation. I will talk with Binance once again showing the way. If you have news please contact me. Lets keep in touch.

Great, Peter!
In touch!:handshake:

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