I suddenly cannot get any transactions to execute

All was working fine. Now nothing. Not on matic, nor ETH, nor avalanche.

mostly I am working on MATIC. They show as pending on Metamask but are not showing as Pending on Polygonscan. when i switch to another network, then back to MATIC, I get the following error. “Transaction failed. Transaction found as approved during boot - possibly due to signing”

the wallet is totally unusable now

I have a bit of paranoia because last week i was scammed on another MM wallet address. very nervous now . thanks to anyone who can help

Please look for instruction to reset your wallet in our Help Center Articles.
This will clear up the transaction history on the wallet, the complete history can still be found on the block explorer.

If this doesn’t resolve it, please open a support ticket via the support link on either the app or the extension you have with all information.