I transfer my bnb to the wrong address

I transfer my BNB to my cryptozoon wallet but I use the contract address in the cryptozoon site. hope you can help me to this problem. I use metamask to start earning but this happened.

this is my metamask address that I use to send my bnb

  • 0x7adabcabd63c74347ba4819893ddfbdeb9e27674
    this is the contract address from the site I sent to cryptozoon
  • 0xf62b6a53a2cd03a61fe83db00087d20b3b51cf9c
    this is the transaction hash on Bscscan
  • 0x3e04b95f4010c3523ee5f63acf53b8c9a27252174596f968178b5b834bec4154