Trasferir tá binace pro endereço errado pra metamask 2

bom dia. Neste dia. Um pouco trasferir 0.49213025 bnb tá binace pro metamask. Porém trasferir o bnb pro. Endereço tá tela . Principal do aplicativo. Oh receber. Não me ligue. Em selecionar a moeda . E clique na apa. Receber to bnb. E possível recuperar o ativo?


: 0xe5545ab4d2faed1ccaad89feebbdf5d01b64a2ff008244b07cb4b6c7d519850

Hi @Gunsrose100, I am trying to translate this post but it is still unclear what you are trying to say :laughing:

Would you be able to post again in English please?

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Good morning. On 2022-01-08 14:27 .transfer 0.49213025 bnb is binace for metamask. But transfer the bnb pro. Address is screen. Application main. in receiving. Do not call me. In selecting the currency in the bnb apa of the metamask . before trasfeiri ta binace pro metamask. how to recover this asset


: 0xe5545ab4d2faed1ccaad89feebbdf5d01b64a2ff008244b07cb4b6c7d519850

I am still having trouble understanding your post, but if you are looking for your BNB, it looks like the transaction was successful and BNB was sent to your wallet address. Please make sure you have added Binance Smart Chain as a custom network. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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