I withdraw my bnb beacon chain and ETH ERC20 to Binance but not receive , already 3 days ago

I have a wallet setup by someone who offer me a investment to stake for BNB BEACON CHAIN and ETHEREUM MAINET (ERC20) and she guided me to use this RPC URL for BNB Beacon chain:

Network Name: BNB Beacon Chain
Chain ID: 80001
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: h t t p p s ://bscscan . com

and also ETHEREUM

Network Name: Ethereum Mainet (ERC20)
RPC URL: h t t p s :confused: / d a t a - s e e d-prebsc-1-s1.binance. org: 8545/
data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance. org
Chain ID: 97
Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL: None

When I am trying to send from MetaMask to binance, it shows on tje transaction that it is successfully submitted but its 3 day ago I still did not receive my money to my Binance, I have screenshots here of every transactions, this is also my address for your reference


Ethereum ERC20

MetaMask wallet address

I hope you will help me on this thank you

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Hi @user3782,

On November 30, 0.0383 BNB has been sent to this address: 0x825a26dcf89178fB0957496eb6e88A3b99117Ff6

Do you know the address? Is it the deposit account on Binance? If yes, then you need to contact the Binance Support in this regard. The fund you deposited is about $9. There may be a limit to deposit BNB on Binance. If your fund is less than the limit, that may be why you have not received it yet. Anyhow, you need to contact Binance Support in this regard.
Make sure that the Support is legit, and NEVER share your wallet Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.


BEP2 is the Binance network.it starts with bnb, BEP20 is a BSC network, the format is similar to ERC20 address format.Both are Binance teams but recharge differently.
According to your description, you are recharging BEP2 tokens into Binance, as far as I know, Binance recharging BEP2 need to fill in the MEMO, Iā€™m not sure if you fill in the MEMO, if not you will need to contact the Binance support team for support.

Check your wallet address, you have a send hash that is a BSC20 address, Iā€™m not sure if that is your address, check the hash:


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