Im new. Hlp plx, How to move coins from one network to another

Hello everyone. Im new to the crypto world and trying to figure out how to do some things. Ive ready a few articles but still kind of confused. If anyone could help me further understand what to do it would be really appreciated.

Im trying to start buying coins off pancakeswap v2… I need BNB coins but I cannot straight up buy them for some reason. So i purchased ETH on my wealthsmart app and sent them to my metamask wallet. But It sent to the ETH mainnet network when I need it in my smartchain network. Ive tried sending the coins to that network… and it sends them to myself and takes a %… (How can the app allow you to send coins to yourself and charge you for it. Id think if it wouldnt send it to my smart chain network then it wouldnt try send something to its own address already)
How do I get these ETH coins I have into BNB coins onto the smart chain network so I can start getting crypto through pancakeswap?

Thanks a million in advance.

Hi @Kooping the options is many :smiley: you can use for example: ChangeNOW

or page :point_down:

or you can use some other site :grin: :bridge_at_night: bridge…


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