Incomplete transaction

Metamask is telling me to add Ethereum to the Avalanche Network. I transfered AVAX on the Avalanche Network. I have additional AVAX in wallet which is what the original transfer required. The speed up and cancel instructs me to add Etherium to speed up or cancel. I have ETH and WETH on the Ethereum Network. I have tried to transfer to Avalanche network but all I have done is waste Ethereum transferring it to myself in the Ethereum Network. Can anyone assist with this or instructions on how to fix this issue. I have what I conside to be a large sum of money and do not wish to loose it. Im interested in making sure I can safe gaurd the funds prior to reseting the account or any other action that may result in the loss of funds.

Hey @Fatman7, the instructions to add ETH to speed up the transaction on Avalanche is likely a UI error. Would you be able to send a screenshot?

Avalanche uses AVAX for its gas fees, so ETH is not needed. To speed up your transaction, it should be with AVAX. Make sure that you have added AVAX as the Currency Symbol in your custom network settings.



As you may have noticed in the first picture that there is a statement of insufficent fundsand there is a request for Ethereum on the Avalanche network.

Sorry I meant the second picture has what i described above. Im at a loss and have no idea of how to correct this. I had planed to build a node and I would of been mining for 3 days now.

Do you have AVAX as your Currency Symbol in your custom network settings?

I have AVAX in the wallet. The button that offers to speed up transaction does not operate when pushed.

I went to look in the transaction list and found this

If you have any suggestions or solutions please let me know.

It looks like the transaction ahs failed according to the block explorer, but still shows as pending on MetaMask :slightly_frowning_face:

If you would like, you can submit a ticket to our support team here: and click Start a Conversation

I submitted a ticket with screen shots. I received a message about upgrading to a level 3 account. I’m not sure what that is or how to do it. If that will solve the issue I will do it

Please make sure that you are interacting with the official MetaMask support team through their official support channel.

The team has just updated to a new ticketing support system, you can now also go to and click Start a Conversation

Yes I have AVAX in my Account.

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