Inferno drainer

I got drained for some nft on eth today (ds admin account got hacked and i bite on his link in announcements) , i revoked and disconected all afected soon i notice, but i didnt read what i singed so dont know is my wallet still compromised? No tokens transfers just top nft and not all of them. Can you tell me is this wallet compromised now? nothing happened on other chains.
Nfts got fliped in blur 2min after so they are gone.

Hello @user2270, welcome to the MetaMask community,

I am sorry for what happened. If only NFTs were stolen, it is “likely” an allowance scam. Revoke all allowances for the affected NFT collections. The following articles can help you as well.


I did revoked all nft and disconected the site 10min after hack , but do you think my wallet is still compromised? should i abandon it? they couldnt get my key or seed phrase right?

Based on what you reported that only NFTs were stolen, it is “likely” an allowance scam. If you revoke all allowances for the affected NFT collections, that may help.
However, to be on the safe side, you had better transfer your funds to a new wallet. The articles I shared can help you.


ok thanks for hellping, I have to some important site connected there and cant switch wallet thats why I cant abandon it but will move all unrealted content from there and see what happens in future

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