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I realize that because I choose to use certain programs and follow the safety guidelines to a T, that when said programs are hacked, compromised or otherwise allow my funds to be stolen , I, the idiot am the only one responsible. I have scoured the internet, wasted time with MetaMask support who basically did nothing and am now posting this query as a last effort before I begun tightening this rope( I kid, somewhat). Last week somehow my MetaMask was compromised, I have my pass phrase written in pen and paper and have never given it or shared it with anyone, I’m almost 100% certain the breach occured while doing various nft quests across the various quest platform, who if you ask me need to tighten up their policies and or vet these projects a lot harder before accepting them on their sites. All of that doesn’t mean much at this point, I need to know if there is anyway to mass transfer 1800+ nfts and various web3 wallet i’ds that I have spent the better part of the last 4 months collecting to a new wallet. I mean any possible way, a tool to fold a bad wallet into a new one that burns the recovery phrase and allows you to generate a new one, a method that doesnt require absurd amounts of gas (seeing as the wallt is screwed I don’t even want to try funding it) or inidividually sending each and every one one at a time, anything, there has got to be a solution to this, it amazes me with all this tech and new apps and programs and platforms emerging daily this has not been addressed (unless it has and I am just unaware, hence the post) If anyone can point me in even the remotest direction to anything that might be able to help, I would be forever grateful, apologies for the rant as almost the last of my funds were stolen and went to a wallet with 500k in it, the whole ordeal has just added more trash to an already beaten down life I guess I’m just trying to let it out. Thanks for your time and any type of help would be amazing.


Hi @CFHGoregrinder, welcome to MetaMask community!

Really sorry to hear that your wallet got compromised. For any type of interactions with stuff you don’t know much about or anything similar, try to use a newly created MetaMask wallet with minimum amounts of coins on it, just for being able to interact with whatever you’re doing. It would be even better if you could get a hold of a hardware wallet and store the bulk of your tokens on it, for added protection.

As for a solution to your issue, i take it you’ve been affected by a sweeper bot/script that transfers anything you add to your wallet, almost immediately after it reaches the address. The solution to moving your NFTs would be a flash bot to transfer out your assets before the sweeper has time to do it itself. Here are 2 articles on the issue you’re dealing with. You will need to document yourself further on what i said above and what it’s mentioned in the articles.



I am so sorry this happened to you :frowning: . I also wanted to share an article on how to report a scam in case you’d like to know ways to report:


Hello @CFHGoregrinder,

I am sorry for what happened. Apart from the suggestions above, as for the following inquiry:

You may want to do some research about https:// delegate. cash/ - please remove the spaces I inserted in the link.
It is a decentralized registry to protect your assets via which you can delegate your assets, wallet or access to a contract to your other addresses.

I have recently got familiar with this platform and I still do not know much about it. However, I think you should be able to delegate the ownership of your NFTs to another wallet of your choice.

You can get more information from their documentations. The platform seems safe, but do your own research before using it.
NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Keys with anyone and NEVER enter them on any sites.


Thanks a lot for the reply, weird thing is it does not appear to have gotten hit by a sweeper as I have been in, sent funds, recovered some staked coins and farmed lps and whatnot, they have the ability to enter my wallet but I do not think a sweeper was used, if this info helps at all, and someone, some amazing dude on discord just gave me a detailed file of my hacking, the who, whats where when, social media profilels, wallets associated etc, what I can do with that info i dont know but its something.

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thank you I’m gonna be all over that here soon!

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Thanks, I think I’ve reported this incident in more places than anyone really should ha, but it’s more to warn others and if possible take action against bad actors in our beloved crypto space, thank you all who have replied, I truly do appreciate it!


Hola CHFGore, tal vez has permitido un smart contract sin limitar el uso de tus token.
Es otro método de robo de los estafadores. Cuando autorizas un smart contract para el uso de un token, suele pedirte permiso para un volumen “ilimitado” o casi. A mi me robaron un pool de liquidez en uniswap v3 y accedieron a través de el a varios token de MetaMask.
Se puede revocar esa autorización pero lo que te han robado ya está perdido.

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