Sweeper attack or new sweeper attack!

hello guys many days ago my money stole and when send message for metamask team say to me this is sweeper attack but I dont send my secret seed for anyone or don’t click any link…do you know how hacker get my seed?but I think this is not sweeper attack because hacker just can stole my matic and don’t stole my nft or another tokens.


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There is a very good article about common scams, how they work and most importantly how you can avoid them, check it out here: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412217080091-Common-scams-and-how-to-avoid-them


hello I read this …its good article but cant help me and dont find answer…


The sweeper bot can be programmed to target only specific assets. You could have gotten it through accessing sketchy websites, links or by downloading something containing malware. As soon as it’s in, it can harm you everytime you deposit tokens in your wallet. I closed and hid the other topic which you made asking for help with your compromised wallet to keep you safe, for your information, as that is normal procedure here in such cases.

Do not interact with your wallet anymore as it is compromised and do a clean install of your Operating System on your computer, to be as safe as possible. Afterwards you can create a new wallet and use that one as careful as you can.

Hope this helps.


Hello, apart from what mentioned above, another common way that makes the wallet to be compromised is to interact with malicious contracts. For example, you may have given permission to a malicious smart contract via interacting with suspicious tokens/NFTs/sites.
It is highly suggested to stay away from unknown tokens/NFTs that are airdropped in your wallet and be cautious when using an unknown site.


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