Hello community. I have been a victim of a hack

I have been the victim of a hack with the BNB network.
Funding my account with BNB automatically transfers the funds to another unknown account.
Therefore I cannot extract the other touches, nor can I revoke contracts.
Any solution for this problem?
Any way to revoke contracts with another currency or with another account?

Hello @user2166 ! Welcome to MetaMask community !

I’m sorry, but you picked up a sweeper bot. The sweeper bot has the capability to be programmed for precise targeting of specific assets. It could have been acquired through activities such as visiting suspicious websites, clicking on questionable links, downloading files contaminated with malware, or interacting with malicious contracts. Once the bot gains access to your system, it poses an ongoing threat, inflicting harm whenever you deposit tokens into your wallet.

You can read more about this in an article from MetaMask:

Theoretically, you can get around this by writing a script for this, which will overtake the actions of the sweeper bot and bring out the rest of the assets.

But in the future, you should refrain from interacting with your compromised wallet and perform a clean installation of your computer’s operating system. After completing this step, you can create a new wallet and exercise extreme caution when using it.


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