Cant edit token permissions due to Sweeper bot

I am unable to edit token permissions due to Sweeper bot, I cannot fund to pay the gas to change.

Automatic sweeper bots clean out any gas I deposit before I can use it.

Please help.


Quite hard to fight against sweeper bots, but here’s an article that might help you do that on your own.

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Ya I read that article already. I have never given any 3rd party my key words for my account. The only thing I have done is use other wallet dap exchanges to exchange crypto into usable assets.

I have tokens that give me quarterly payouts in BUSD. The tokens never leave my account but any BUSD or BNB gets botted out.
There must be a way to reset my account without loosing my tokens.

Your wallet is compromised. Sorry to tell you that, but there’s nothing you can do about removing the sweeper attached to it. Best to create another wallet and be a lot more careful what you interact with in the future or how you keep your Secret Recovery Phrase safe and offline.

For whatever else you have going on with the compromised wallet, try getting in touch with the projects to send tokens to you in the newly created wallet, not in the compromised one. A flashbot is your hope of getting stuff out of your wallet. But you need to know how to do that, or to get help with that from someone that you can trust and knows how to do it properly.
That’s the most i can help you with regarding your issue.

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