Invalid Remittance

I sent Keth coin to the metamask wallet by mistake.
Is there any way to find keth coin?
Transaction Hash


Hi huanhao :upside_down_face: what is Keth coin?

I do not know this cryptocurrency :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: send some info

Kethcoin is Ethereum Coin based on Clayton.
I sent the wrong money from the clip wallet to the metamask, is there any way to find it?

Uploading: keth.jpg…

Yeah :grin: now I understand

Read this post :upside_down_face: :point_up_2: must add token :point_down: Orbit Bridge Klaytn Ethereum (KETH)…

But :exclamation: first move all ETH tokens away :slightly_smiling_face: for sure