Invalid seed phrase ASAP is an metamask error

I have to restore my wallet and says it is invalid, now i see that metamask gave me an invalid word of the ones they use and now im the one who pay that error. Please i need my wallet back ASAP. I use it in kiwi browser with chrome’s extension. IM sure 100% that i write my phrase corectly as i saved it in the beginig. why this hapends? i have lost all my money because of that platform error???

Hi Dio Brando
This is very strange… As far I know doesn’t matter a spelling check on words… Sometimes it can happen if you do past copy with seed phrases where some spaces or characters are joined, missed or added. So my suggestion is to try typing it manually, if you did try already try with the exact words you back upped at wallet first creation.
Do your wallet appears okay in bscscan? Ciao