Is Metamask allowing scammers to operate on this forum?

It sounds like a silly question but:

  1. The scammers never seem to be policed
  2. It takes way too much time to resolve problems
  3. This exposes frustrated and scared users to accept help from scammers
  4. One of my support requests has gone unanswered for 22 days
    Why does metamask not employ more support staff and forum admins to protect it’s users, yes I’m frustrated I transferred 50k worth of tokens between my 2 metamask wallets

Sometimes here were more scammers :nerd_face: admin is trying to block them… trust me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I am a killer of fraudsters.

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Hey @com5984 we keep a close watch on scammers and spammers and user security is one of our main priorities. Unfortunately, scammers do exist, especially with the rapid growth of MetaMask, so we also do our best to educate the community to watch out for scammer activity. Our :rotating_light:Safety Tips :rotating_light: banner is emphasised for everyone to read.

Here is some more information on scammers on our Knowledge Base:

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I understand i got scammed on metamask plate form unfortunately she past for one of your staff and send me a picture of level 4 . I never received my eth

Be aware of Alice( Omna )on metamask .

Hey @Bobinette, sorry to hear this has happened :frowning:

It looks like somebody was pretending to be one of the staff members and sent a fake screenshot with the e-mail address changed. Please be careful of scammers that use these impersonation tactics, and NEVER give anyone your Secret Recovery Phrase.

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