Is there a reward system for "unusual" bugs found within Metamask extension?

I accidentally found a bug within two browsers at least(Brave and Chrome) that allow me to show(?) balance from Polygon/Binance chain into the Ethereum mainnet chain but also in an interesting way for example:
if I had 0.0087MATIC($0.01) on Polygon chain and switched to Ethereum mainnet My balance would show 0.0087ETH($34.21) and stay like that as I browse the internet showing a misleading balance that isn’t actually there, I can even make transactions requests(which will end up in a loading loop) within some Swap websites that recognize the misleading balance. I am asking about the reward thing because I know this exists in some degree, and I can record a video reproducing the steps in all browsers from a “scratch” fresh install of both the browser and metamask which I hopefully believe has enough info to help fix this issue in the future, and I would really appreciate a couple bucks for my finding :sunglasses: