Error in the wallet

Today my Metamask wallet is 0.5074 Etherium. I was very happy as I thought I won by participating in the Airdrop. At the same time, there were no transactions on the wallet.
So. I decided to transfer 0.25 Etnerium to Binance, but the transaction did not go through even with an inflated gas rate for the transfer. I have tried several times without success.
Then, after a while, the balance on the wallet became highlighted in yellow, and next to the amount there was an asterisk, when you hover over which it was written: “The balance is outdated.” After a while, the balance became zero. There were no transactions on Etherscan.
The most offensive thing is that I took a screenshot of the balance on my wallet to please my wife, as a result, there was some kind of glitch.
Question: is this a wallet glitch or did Etnerium really disappear by mistake?
There are screenshots, but they cannot be posted, since I am a new user.

The Polygon network is somehow synchronized with the erc20 network. The balance of coins from the polygon network is displayed in the Ethereum network. This error has not gone anywhere.))) Have pity on the nervous system of people. Shot a video of this error.